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  • New Mobile Degauss and Destroy Solution

  • Security Destruction Solutions

    is an Australian company, providing
    high-volume, high security destruction systems, customised and
    scalable to meet the specific needs in each situation - small or large.
  • NSA Listed, Single & Dual Stage Disintegrators

    Now available in Australia with Sound and Dust suppression systems. Compliant with Australian Government ISM 2015 Security Destruction Standards.

    Hard Drive Destroyers from the Market Leader - GARNER. The only Hard Drive Destroyer that offers an approved option for Solid State Drives. NSA Listed and therefore compliant with Australian Government ISM security destruction standard.

    Full range of models for low, medium or high volume users. NSA and Government approved models. Complete Data Destruction. Options for barcode scanning for accurate audit reporting.
  • Secure Destruction of Data Before You Recycle

    Use a Degausser to securely wipe all data from PC Hard drives and backup tapes before disposal. Buy or hire a Degausser, or book our onsite service for Degaussing of your old magnetic media before disposal. You can degauss PC Hard Drives, Video Tapes, Backup Tapes - or any magnetic media.
  • Largest Range of Disintegrators

    Whether you need to destroy, PC hard Drives, Solid State Drives, CDs, DVDs, Magnetic Tape, Flash Drives, USBs, Memory Sticks, Paper Documents occasionally, regularly or in high volumes, we have a Disintegrator configuration that will be suitable.
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SPACESAVER Regulatory compliance in a small footprint The complete, secure hard drive and solid-state media disposal solution. Combines a degausser and hard drive destroyer into one unit. Includes: HD-2SS, PD-5, SSD-1, SSD-MT, SSD-CADDY, SCAN-1 scanner & stand, USB Cable, and Media Destruction Report Software Small footprint, big advantages..... more


FlashPro Solid State Device Destroyer

Garner has just launched the FLASHPROTM Solid-State Destroyer - a high-volume destroyer specifically designed to shred digital media in an office environment. The FlashPro destroys a wide variety of media including smartphones, mini-tablets (up to 170 mm in width), USB sticks, solid-state drives (SSD), and optical media..... more


New compact Degausser and Destroyer combination available

The new SpaceSaver Compliance Package combines a degausser, hard drive destroyer and a solid-state destroyer into one compact unit complemented with a complete media destruction reporting system..... more

May 2016

New Option for Erasure Verification - Ironclad (TM)

IronClad Erasure TS-1 Verification System The IronClad system provides audit worthy proof of destruction in a completely automated way. Be both secure and compliant with the Garner IronClad..... more

APRIL 2016

SDS Appointed reseller for SEM Security Destruction Equipment

Security Destruction Solutions Pty Ltd (SDS) has been appointed as Australian reseller for Security Engineered Machinery (SEM), the largest manufacturer of information destruction equipment in the USA and the original inventor of the Disintegrator. .... more

March 2016

SDS appointed as Garner distributor

Security Destruction Solutions has been appointed the Australian distributor for Garner degaussers and destroyers. .... more

May 20, 2014

New fines associated with 2014 Privacy Laws

New Australian Privacy Law now in effect. 13 new privacy principles apply to all Australian organisations with associated potential fines of up to $1.7M. .... more

March 12, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the highest volume of waste your system can handle? Question: Is it possible to install an automated system into an existing building? Question: Do you provide standard manually operated solutions as well?.... more

September 29

New Options Available for Media Destruction

SDS now offer a range of modular destruction solutions for many applications. Tell us what your requirement is and we can either offer a standard solution, or build a custom system for you..... more

October 9